I call myself “Artist” for want of a better term. There is nothing self-evident in my creative work except the compulsion to do it. Through no intention of my own, I have been pointed out as something apart, a five legged calf, a monster. I have never fought for that position, nor do I do so now to keep it. Yet I may as well at times have felt the winds of megalomania sweep across my brow. But I believe myself to be immune. I need only for one second remind myself of the utter unimportance of art in the human world in order to cool myself down again. But that does not mean the compulsion does not remain.

Monday, July 30, 2007


9" x 12"
Mixed Media, Found Objects
Not Available

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am an American

78" x 12"
ORIGINAL ART - 2007 Acrylics/Mixed Media on Gessobord
Series: American Freedoms Diet

"I stand for freedom. I will not be denied."
This piece consists of nine 2" cradled hardboard panels bolted together. The style of this series was in-part inspired by a speech by Urvashi Viad and Artist Paula Scher, who effectively called to artists to take back billboards, park benches, and other advertising spaces as the public spaces they are—to use them for art, rather than commercialism. Each of Deb’s paintings in this series resembles an old wall, a weathered, many-times painted over place; the text, a long forgotten advertisement.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Power To"


30" x 30"Acrylics/Mixed Media on Hardboard - 2007
American Freedoms Diet series

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Four 30 x 30 on Exhibit at UVA July 2007

Deb Massa: American Freedoms Diet
Acrylics/Mixed Media on Gessobord - 2007

All Artwork, Text Copy and Photos © 2007 Deb Massa